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Drum Stacker Manufacturers 

Manual Hydraulic Drum lifter and tilter

Ergonomic lifts, transport and places ploy, steel or fiber drum on or off pallets. Also removes drums from A Spring-load clamp securely holds any the corner of containment skids, Highly maneuverable wheel an d two ploy caster. rimmed drum . It have swivel steering wheels for easy positioning and precision roller bearing load wheels for maximum stability. Easily glider over pallet to quickly load or unload 30 or 50 -gallon drums, grabs from the middle of a standard pallet with a drum claw grabs, raises the drum up ,and redistributes then throughout the facility.

  •  Power drive, lift and tilter 55 gallon steel drums & 200L plastic drums.

  •  Power drive, lift and tilter 55 gallon steel drums & 200L plastic drums.

  •  Drum Lifter/Tilter are specifically designed to provide precise Drum handling and maneuverability

  •  Operating Type: Battery Operated Walking , Lifting, Tilting, Up-Down.

  • Lifting, Transporting, Tilting, Rotating, Dispensing, Pouring at Required Height.

    Fully Powered Drum Stacker

    Drum stackers provide a safe, ergonomic solution for your most challenging Drum stacking needs.

    Horizontal movement over large distances, as well as stacking

    Available to carry the drum to rack lower than 2400mmTheir heavy-duty construction will provide years of dependable service

    Eagle-grip design provide safest griping on Drum.

    Operating Type: Battery Operated Walking, Lifting, Stacking & Up-Down.

  • Application:

  • Lifting, Transporting, and Stacking of Drums.

    Frequent loading and unloading of Drums.

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